Remics-JB for Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

Cara Flash Remics-JB for Samsung Galaxy SL i9003


Based on Android 4.1.1 JellyBea
build.prop tweaks
Samsung Touchwiz!
All the cool the Samsung stuff that you guys like! (Memo, Samsung keyboard & more!)
New Bootanimation
Great Samsung Theme
Solid Explorer added
About 200MB of size
init.d tweaks
S3 like UI
S3 sounds & wallpaper


All CM9 Bugs
Bluetooth doesn't turn on at times and maybe drains battery too


1. Do Nandroid backup
2. Do a factory reset/data wipe
3. Install the ROM
4. Install Gapps for JB (optional)
5. Reboot (automatically)
6. Wait till full boot of your phone

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  1. Samssung galax serisi iyiidi j serisinden iyi tefon sadece j7 diyerleri yaramiyor a serisinden a 7 guzel


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